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May 13, 2014
Abigail—Wise and Determined
April 30, 2015

1 Cor 3:5-9.

A lot of crisis happening in the body of Christ has really been a burden in my heart and the kind of desperation that believers have towards one another can not be over emphasised. Many have really forgotten the coming judgement of God and choose to live a terrible life on earth. Whereas, we are to be our brother’s keeper as bible advised, but it has been another issue with the syndrome of “pull him down”.

It happened to Joseph with his brothers. They did everything possible to destroy the purpose of God over his life. They threw him into a pit so his dreams will not come to pass. They sold him into slavery, thinking he will never have reasons to fulfill his dreams in a strange land. They even earlier thought of killing him, so for him not to ever reign in life. That is terrible!

But in our passage today, bible revealed a particular man called Apollo. A man who really take up a burden which is never his. He was never the founder of the church at Corinth but took it up as a responsiblity to put the work of God in order. He laboured and strengthened a church planted by Paul. What a loyal and wonderful servant! The church has really accepted him and everything had been walking towards him for good, he gained acceptance of the church but he never betrayed the founder. He never thought of blackmailing or crucifying the founder before the church, even when church has really accepted him.

He saw reasons why he must be a helping hand to Paul. He have understanding that not everybody can be a founder. He did not destroy the church by taking parts of the church to start up his own ministry. He really laboured to serve his master and his master also recognised his work. His work is highly visible both to the church and his master.

Brethren, there is reason for us to learn from this Apollo. As a servant of God, you must recognise this kind of people around you and in your ministry. I mean the people with PhD syndrome, because failure to recognise them can cause a terrible havoc both on your spiritual and ministerial life. Many could not fulfill or maximise their ministerial calling today only because they failed to recognise them. They are full of everywhere. It is your duty to recognise them and deal with them appropriately.

As a worker in a church, you must take up your total loyalty unto your Pastor. You must see what he sees, and do everything possible to support and fulfill his God given visions. There is reason why you have been raised to be part of that church. Even when you are gifted or recognised in the church, you must be loyal to your pastor. And must not allow church to influence you against your pastor.

As a member of a church, you must not cause crisis among the ministers of your church. There must not be any reason for favouritism, you must accept and treat the ministers of God equally. Though, they may be gifted in one way than the other, you must not love one to destroy other. Serving God through them must be your priority and it must flow from your open heart. Whatever that can cause crisis within the ministerial vessel must not emanates from you.

Lastly, as we are having a new calendar year, we must love one another and celebrate our success together. Dont ever allow jealousy but support all your leaders passionately and appropriately. Never allow devil to use you in creating division in the church of God, and never allow your gift to pull down the work of the others. Those who build their ministerial work on pulling down the others will never last long. I pray the Lord will help us to uphold one another in Jesus name. Amen.

You are welcome into your year of Great Exploit!


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