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April 30, 2015
April 30, 2015

You As An Agent Of Change.

There was a particular problem when God created Adam. And what He created was a solution to a particular problem. The reason for creation is to profer solution to a particular need. It was God that discovered the problem, and later made a man that will bring solution to everything that will come after him.


That shows every man as a solution to one problem or the other. Man was created so to solve people’s problem. You were created as a problem solver not as a problem giver. It is important for you to know your identity. The Lord Jesus also was born to solve the problem of sin. You are created for a purpose and every success of life is an outcome to purpose discovery.


You are never an accident, you are created to bring solution to people’s problem. And until you be a problem solver, there may not be any success. Because the successful people of the world are always the problem solver.


You must try every means to possess what the people need. Until after you have something to offer, until you become an answer to people’s questions, there may not be any success.


There are people waiting for you, there are people God had sent to you but in problem, they will deliver your good portion until after you solve their problems. Why are you now running away from problems? Until after Joseph solve the problem of cup bearer, he could not find his feet at the palace. The supposed question you must ask yourself is, do I have anything to offer my world?


Therefore, you must see and live the life God created for you, instead of living your life based on people’s opinion. To succeed in life you must be a problem solver.



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