April 30, 2015
April 30, 2015

In making success in life, one of the things we must not neglect is the work of the enemy. It is because, the major work of the enemy is not to allow us fulfilling the promise of God.


And we can see the enemies activities in the life of Isaac as a covenant child. This Isaac inherit the promise of God from Abraham his father, Gen21:12. God said He is going to enlarge Abraham through his son Isaac. And that is the reason he was really opposed.


When he was living in famine from verse1 nobody fought him but when he started making it in verse 12-15, enemy began to wage war against him. If you have been opposed by the people now, you must see that as a signal that you are glorious in destiny.


But when this opposition came against Isaac, how did he dealt with them?


If we are to fulfill the your destiny, you must acknowledge the enemy of your progression. Knowing them must not prompt you to be living in fear if them. You don’t have to live in fear because of the enemies but to know how to deal with them.


Isaac later got his breakthrough because he knew how to deal with the enemies.


  1. He fought enemy from outside.

Isaac did not fight enemy from within their camp. Bible says: “Isaac moved away from to Great valley”. You can not fight enemy from their camp and win the battle. There may be reason to excuse yourself from set of people that are opposing your mission.


  1. He did not lose hope.

He saw what enemies has done to the well he inherited from his father. But he was never tired but believed in a restoration. There is nothing enemies has that is not restorable. Why did he have it done? It is because he did lose hope.


  1. He came against what enemies has done.

He redig the well of his father Abraham. There are things you must do to reverse the works of the enemies. When you rise in prayer, when you rise in fasting, waiting and having divine instruction and many more are effort to put things the works of the enemy.


  1. He believed in himself.

There are assistance that can come from people towards you but it can never be compared with your personal desires and decisions.


  1. He was very persistent.

There is one thing about enemies, they don’t easily give a down. Enemies destroyed his work his three times. The inheritance he had from his father that he reopened was taken from him. The two wells that his servants dug was also taken from him. All these shows a labour without result but he did not relent. He was very determined to succeed.


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