April 30, 2015
May 1, 2015

Luke 4:5-6, Philippians 3:13.

When the Lord created man and put him and woman in the Garden of Eden, Hehave them created for a particular purpose. God is never a careless and wasteful God, but a resourceful God. He has reasons for doing everything on earth.

And as He had reasons for creating both Adam and Eve so also He had reasons for creating you and I, but many had really failed to know what the purpose of God is over their lives. And those who realised the purpose of God for their lives also have failed to realiseevery effort of devil to destroy the purpose of God over every man on earth.

It is going to be a terrible failure for any man not toknow why he was created and not to know that there is someone who is aiming eagerly to destroy the purpose of God over his life. Devil has succeeded over some by hindering them from knowing the purpose of God over their lives, while he is doing everything possible to shift and divert the attention of those who understand what the heart of God is over their lives.

As this devil succeeded over both Adam and Eve, so also he can succeed over any man. And he defeated them by giving them another vision. He called the attention of Eve from all what God had said by giving him another vision (by diverting their attention to the tree of knowledge of evil and good).

Adam and Eve understand what the will of God is but devil defeated them by giving them another vision. They also began to see “good” in what is contrary to the will of God for their lives and it is only few people understand that devil will not only use bad events and things to have us derail from the purpose of God.

Many people believed devil will only use bad things to effect his terrible work. No, it is never so. Devil also likes using good things to derail and defeat us from the purpose of God. He used the good tree and its beautiful fruits to defeat both Adam and Eve.

That is telling us devil can make a man to be a great achiever without being a great fulfiller. Achievement is very good but any achievement that lies outside the will of God is a purpose destroyed. If our achievement could not go in line with the plans of God for our lives, to God it’s a failure. And this is what devil is doing day by day to make people achieve but not the will of God.

Devil did the same thing with Jesus while he was in the wilderness. Bible says: …he shows him, Matthew 4:8. This shows that revelation and vision does not only come from God but from devil also. And if devil could bring this kind of vision to Jesus, there is no one that will not experience it.

And his mission is to destroy the will of God, because devil never wanted Jesus to fulfil the purpose of God. He never wanted Jesus to be a fulfiller but a mere achiever, Luke 4: 5-6. Devil wants Jesus to have a kingdom. That’s a good revelation and vision.

When you see yourself sitting on a throne with multitude standing before you bowing. But the vision which he gave to Jesus was never bad. It was never a bad vision but a beautiful and good vision. Vision can be good but if it is from the devil, it is nothing but to hinder the purpose of God. Devil promised to give a kingdom to Jesus through a vision, he wanted to use good things of life to defeat the plans of God for Jesus.

  • Kingdom is to be a king in a particular place, profession, and others.
  • Kingdom is to have good associates and chiefs.
  • Kingdom is to have many servants and slaves.
  • Kingdom is to have riches, wealth and blessings.
  • Kingdom is to have connection and influence.

And one can have all these without knowing that devil has defeated him. Having all these is not the criteria that one is fulfilling destiny and the purpose of God.

  • Devil really desire Jesus to achieve, but only achievement of this world. People of the world will be greeting and congratulating Him, while heaven will be crying over Him.
  • Devil wanted Jesus to be recognised by this world but not recognised by heaven.
  • Devil wanted Jesus to waste the resources of heaven on unnecessary.
  • Devil wanted Jesus to be celebrated while heaven will be regretting.

Beloved, it is good for you to succeeed


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