April 30, 2015
May 1, 2015

Psalms 85:8

Psalm 85:8a

There is nothing important like having communion with God. It is where the heartbeat of God is made known for His people for needed and proper actions. And those who could not commune with God may either end up not knowing the heartbeat of God or not doing anything for God at all or working for God in an error. But the psalmist here placed value on a relationship that must be between man and God. He desire not to hear from anybody but from God alone, because there are voices outside there and all of them are with crucial meanings, 1 Cor 14:10. When the voice of men is in charge of ones life, there will be a serious danger because it was the voice of snake that lured both Adam and Eve into an error. Devil also planned through his voice to lure Jesus into an error, Gen 3, Mat 4. Having the voice of God is never enough, but hearken to His voice. The psalmist said, he will hear what the Lord will say even when it is difficult. There are things the Lord will say that will be somehow difficult to obey but if we have not really decided to trust and follow Him, one can just choose to do otherwise. As a child of God we must do everything possible to do His will even when it looks difficult. But how can will know His will without having time with Him? And how can we have His voice without communing with God? To know His heartbeat, we must relate with God regularly through His word and must ready to obey and do all His statues.


Psalm 85:8b

There is another thing discovered in the life of this Psalmist. He was full of confidence about the kinds of word that come from God towards him. He was very sure that nothing will come from God towards Him but the words of peace. What a life without any accusation! He examined his life and journey and realised how he has been faithful unto God. He knew his life would never attract the terrible voice of God because he has done everything possible to remain a saint to the Most High. He was very bold as lion because he was righteous in all his dealings with men and God. In coming to the presence of God, Is there any confidence you can boast of? Will your life not attracting the evil pronouncements of God? This is one weapon that devil is really using against the children of God today. Devil understand the strength and grace that normally come to the children of God through the throne of Grace, Heb 4:16. Devil will do everything to frustrate our confidence in commune with God. He will be bringing the errors of our life as he did to Joshua in Zechariah chapter 3. And at times devil will bring forgiven sins into our memory to attack our confidence in communion with God. But the Psalmist could not see any sins in his life, not only that, he understand that which the Lord has done for him and also understand what the scripture says about him coming to the presence of God, Heb 4:16. To enjoy communion with God and to live a victorious life before the devil, this understanding is highly needed as a child of God.


*There must not be any sin in your life.

* Devil will attack you with your past forgiven sins.

* You must understand who you really are through the scripture.


Psalms 85:8c

It is only a fool will think devil has gone for life and those who could not consciously acknowledge the terrible work of devil can easily fall victim of backsliding. The psalmist also understand this. Having victory is never like sustaining and maintaining the victory. The psalmist understand that we are surrounded with many things that can easily lure us back into an error and he gave us the warning not to go back into our past, Roman 6:1-2. After gaining your feet with the Lord, enjoying His peace and flowing in His grace, We must not misuse the grace of God which has given us chance to live a victorious life. He suggested to us not to “turn”. We are to focus on Christ, the foundation and perfecter of that which we have received from the throne of grace, and we must make sure to get rid of anything that can shift our attention from the Lord. The same John the Baptist said, he ask us to behold the Lamb of God. But why beholding? It is because seeing is the power behind vision. To get to the kingdom of God you will need vision and that will not be until after you are beholding Jesus in His word on daily basis. Then you will keep His word in your heart and that will keep you from turning from grace and sin against God, Psalm 119:11. Shalom.


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