May 1, 2015
May 2, 2015

Gen 35:1-6.

This passage of the Bible revealed what ought to be the duty of every man over his family. And according to Steve Farrar he said: “for devil to destroy children of any family, devil will do everything possible to neutralise the parents especially the fathers”. The role of fathers in marriage is very serious and must never be taken with levity.


It is a pity that many children are in crisis today only because the fathers failed to play their important roles over the children. But it was never so with Jacob, he did not walk alone. He carried along all his family in his spiritual walk and journey. He was a man that experienced God but gave same revelation to his family. Let’s consider his life.


  1. Jacob was a man of revelation. He was alive for God, he understand when and what God is saying about him and his family at a particular period of time. He understand the demands of God over his family through divine revelations. He received direction for his family, he could not lead them astray because he was under the leading of God through His revelation.


  1. Jacob was a communicator. He communicate all the Lord told him about where they were and where He wanted them. He fed his family with needed information about the desire of God. Bible says: “Jacob told everyone in his household”. He was never hidden anything from his wife, children, even the servants. That which he had received from God he shared it all with his family.


  1. Jacob was a man of integrity. He spoke the mind of God with his family and they obeyed and responded to him appropriately. They might have not responded to him if Jacob has not been truthful. Jacob has been living a life of the word that people can trust, and that really helped the message he was sharing with his family. He also walked the talk, he was never saying what he doesn’t mean. He could be trusted by his family.


  1. Jacob was a positive changer. There was a lifestyle his family has been living before he got message from God, and brought a change in lifestyle to his family through his message. He was never talking alone but desire a purposeful changes in his family. He knew what he wanted of his family and pursued it with all seriousness. He asked them to change and follow them up until his desire was achieved.


  1. Jacob was purpose driven. Bible says: “…Jacob and his household arrived at Bethel”. Jacob received divine instructions, communicated what he received, lived in the truth, and achieved the reason why divine instructions were given to him. He did not only get there, but with his family. They all tasted the good provisions which God had made for them. There is nothing good you found in Jacob that you will not see in his family and servants. He achieved the purpose of God with his family.


Lastly, Jacob did not walk alone with God but revealed what he received and carried along his family to fulfill and achieve the purpose of God.


Brethren, no matter what you become or achieve in life without having your family is never a success. Eli walked and worked with God alone but end up in crisis because of his children. Whoever you may be, try not to walk alone with God. Two are better than one thou says the Lord.


Order Of Service

  1. Opening Prayer Sis Ayo Afolayan
  2. Praise Worship     Sis Bunmi Adeyemi
  3. Warfare Prayers   Pst (Mrs) Jumoke Oluwakayode
  4. Testimony     Bro Steve Enuha
  5. Divine Dues       Pst Wale Afolayan.
  6. New Month Thanksgiving Pst Wale Afolayan.
  7. Special Rendition Revelation Minstrel
  8. From His Throne   Caleb Oluwakayode
  9. Grace           Caleb Oluwakayode.



Read Genesis 3.

  1. Every relationship that will destroy my life, oh Lord, have it destroyed in Jesus name.
  2. Every agents raised to destroy my journey with the Lord, be paralysed in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every words of deceit around me, be exposed by fire in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every power pushing my life against the will and voice of God, be destroyed by fire.
  5. Every arrows of deceit targeting my life, backfire in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every power pursuing the life of God in me, be destroyed by fire.
  7. Every household enemy around me, be exposed in the name of Jesus.
  8. Grace and power to discern every activities of satan around me, fall upon my life in Jesus name.
  9. Power to overcome every temptation from the kingdom of darkness, fall upon me in the name of Jesus.
  10. Power to be sensitive and walking with Holy Spirit, fall upon me in Jesus name.


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