May 2, 2015
May 8, 2015

2 Kings 5:9-10

“So Naaman came with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of Elisha. And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean”.


There are two things this great man was suffering from through a terrible disease he has been nursing.


  1. He has lost the beauty of his skin and flesh.
  2. He has been dirty and unclean.


With these crisis all around him, he was really desire to experience and to have a change over his life. I know this sickness might have caused him a lot of damage which societal isolation and rejection must be part of them.


But because he was a great man, he can never lack series of advise that will come to him through those he surrounded himself with. He had been doing everything possible to have his healing but he could not. Even Bible says: “he came with horses and chariot as usual” (emphasis added). I know he has been going here and there with his wealth to secure healing which is common to many Christian today, going from one place to another in the name of healing and miracle.


His wealth is not really the issue here but a great desire he had to have his healing, he was very determined to come out of his leprous state. It has been said several times that whatever you don’t desire you can never have it. Naaman had a great desire to really have a change in his life. He was hungry and thirsty for something better in his life.For any change to take place in your life brethren, you must passionately desire it. The determinant of a change is your desire that comes through the mind. You must know what you want, you must not just accept anything that comes your way. Naaman here knew what he wanted from life and greatly desired it.


But there is also something important we are to learn from the man Naaman, he had what I called self cross examination, and through this he later had self realization. He realised the terrible state he was, no one told him. He knew his life needs supernatural attention but he did not know how. Many Christians have failed to know the terrible state of their spiritual life, many do not even care when you are telling them and calling their attention to issue that must be properly addressed to have a sound spiritual life. And it was due to the lack of self cross examination which must end in self realization. We must learn to put our life on check on daily basis to know where we are and what to adjust.


God in His infinite arrangement has done everything in a way that He can not do ANYTHING on earth without using a man. These are the people I called agent of change, at times these people can be servants of God or ordinary people. God has given them mandate to bring a change in the life of His people but many of these agents of change have really disappointed God in their dealings with the people of God.


Truly, Naaman was directed to Prophet Elisha through a mere servant and Naaman was so humble to the level of heeding the voice of a mere servant. Naaman was not only humble unto his servant but his agent of change Elisha also.


That great man of God did something that every child of God must learn from. When Naaman got to him, Elisha refused to meet him but directed him to go and wash himself in river Jordan seven times. It was the same river where Jesus had His opened heaven and I know what the water typifies. It simply means the word of God. What a wonderful prophet! He was never ready to monopolise Naaman, like many other prophets. Spiritual monopoly has been the issue in Christiandom now which is really affecting people from receiving their miracle and healing. But Elisha directed Naaman to do the same thing Jesus did before receiving his healing. He must dwell in the word deeply to have his skin healed and his skin cleaned.


This shows another power that lies in the word of God. It has power to bring healing not only to your body but to your soul and your spirit. Bible says: “He sent out his word and healed them…..” PS 107:20. The word “healed” shows that our healing has been made, its not just coming but completely made and ready. It is now our duty to claim it and enjoy it well. Elisha told Naaman, saying you don’t need me but the word of God which is the water he was directed to.


This shows importance we have to attach to the word as a child of God. Truly, we need servants of God but we need the word of God most. And any servant that can not really take you back to the word of God for your needed healing, you must beware of such.


Naaman also had to drop his old theory and pattern to receive his healing. We must be opened with the word of God to receive our healing appropriately. We must allow the word to play its role, we must not interpret it for personal gains. And we must have it in mind that word of God is never a fast food. It at times takes time before seeing its positive effect in our lives. You don’t gain the needed nutrients from your food instantly but after digestion and digestion takes time. You must be diligent and patient with the word to have your healing. To experience your healing, you must learn to tarry with the waters. Shalom.



  1. Opening prayer Caleb Oluwakayode.
  2. Praise & Worship Sis Bunmi Adeyemi.
  3. Warfare Prayer Pst (Mrs) Jumoke Oluwakayode.
  4. Testimony & Dues Pastor Wale Afolayan.
  5. Special Rendition Revelation Minstrel.
  6. From His throne Caleb Oluwakayode.





  1. Appreciate God for His faithfulness over your life, family and each members of the church.
  2. Appreciate God for His faithfulness which did not allow enemy to prevail over your life, family and the church of God.
  3. Oh Lord, open my spiritual eyes to see and recognise every dangers around me in Jesus name.
  4. Whatever in life that can make you to abandon me Lord, uproot them by fire in Jesus name.
  5. Every attempt of the enemy to prevail over my life, oh Lord, scatter them by fire.
  6. Oh Lord, by your power and mercy let me be lifted up in Jesus name.
  7. In this month of October and the rest of this year, I refuse to cry and suffer afflictions in Jesus name.
  8. Strength and power of prayer, fall upon my life in the name of Jesus.
  9. You the spirit of deaf and dumb in my spirit, come out by fire in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every arrows released to paralyse my spiritual life, catch fire in Jesus name.


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