May 2, 2015
July 31, 2015


By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion, Psalms 137:1. (NIV)


There is nothing deadly and dangerous like sin our Christian life, and it is one of the weapons of Satan to destroy us from getting it right here on earth and to lose the kingdom of God.


Fulfilling destiny will be greatly difficult if we choose to be dinning with devil through sin, and we must do everything possible to get rid of sin out of our life through the help of the Spirit by faith, Heb 12:4.


But our text this morning revealed four major things that will happen to those that are still living in sin.


  1. Sin Changes Location.

We saw the children of God here at Babylon, they were in the beginning at Jerusalem. When Adam and Eve also sinned against God they lost their rightful place in the Lord. Sin brought Israelites out of peace into pieces. When you are living a sinful life, it simply means you are shifting ground for the devil. God was asking for Adam and Eve, He could not meet them where He left them. Are you still where the Lord placed you? Has sin dethroned you from your rightful location? Sin will take you away from the purpose of God and into the devil’s purpose.


  1. Sin Affects Standing.

Our text revealed the Israelites sitting down. They could no longer stand for the truth they were known for. It was sin that gave them breakdown of Christian journey. The only thing sitting people can do is to crawl and that negates the expectation of heaven. Heaven expects us to run the race because Christian journey is purely a race and meant only for those who have strength to stand.


  1. Sin Affects Walking.

Walking is meant only for those that can stand. But walking with who? Walking with God of course. Sin will surely affect your walking with God. God has been in cordial relationship with Adam and Eve, but He could no longer walk with them when they became sinful. And it is only those who have successfully walk with God can work for God. Bible says: “we sat”. Sin will retired you from going for God, it did the same to Samson. He desired to go again as usual but he could not because sin had consumed the power of standing.


  1. Sin Brings Sorrow.

Bible says: “they wept” emphasis added. Sin will make you lose the joy of salvation. Joy is a gift from God and you can not have it except it is given. It is only those who have their life with God can have joy. Since they started living in Babylon through sin, then they begin to live in sorrow continously.


Lastly, Bible says : ” we remembered Zion”. Brethren, no matter how sin brought you so low and down, all you need to do is to remember your creator. The prodigal son also remembered his father from the strange land and decided to go back to him. The Lord is ready to accept you, no matter how terrible your sin may be. He is faithful and merciful to accept those who can call upon His holy name. It is only those who call upon His name shall be saved. Call upon Him, He will save you.





  1. I pray the Lord to forgive all your sins in Jesus name. Grace and power to live your life for God, receive it now in Jesus name. I speak rising Into your life in Jesus name.


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