May 8, 2015
August 11, 2015

Exodus 4:1-5. (SIN) 2 Timothy 2:19, John 8:46 & 14:21

When Moses was talking to God in the passage we just read, he understood how the life of a man who had seen the Lord should be. And he was telling God what should be the life of a man that had encountered God.

Moses looked intently into his life and discovered a vacuum in his life, he realised his life was never better than those that have never experienced God at all. Truly, he encountered God but his life can not prove that. He had a message from God but he knew the people will not accept him because his life did not reflect it.


* Moses knew that every man that had seen the Lord must reveal and bring forth a convincing signs.

 * Moses knew that no one sees the Lord without becoming a great sign unto everybody around him.

 * In fact, one of the reasons that will show that you have seen the Lord is to be a great sign unto your people. And if your life could not bring forth these signs, people will find it difficult to believe you.


It is because people knew God as God of signs and wonders, and anyone who claims of seeing the Lord must reveal His signs.

Jesus also understand this when He was attending to people in the book of John 4:48. He knew people will not believe Him as someone who came from the Lord if He could not be signs and wonders.

And if you look at verse 45 of John chapter 4, they believed and received Jesus only because they have seen signs and wonders He had displayed.

That is the reason why Moses was crying unto God to make him a sign and wonder to his people. And that also suppose to be our crying unto God. Many of us had seen this terrible state of our lives as Moses. Why is my life like this, is this question of many of us? And we have really and genuinely seek after God for solution but did not see any change like Moses did. But what God told Moses is the message I was led to share with you here.



* God told Moses to use the rod if he is going to be a sign and wonder unto Pharaoh and his people. If Moses failed to see signs and wonders, it was not because he did not have it but failed to follow a given instructions.


* And we will not understand what this rod is except we read from the book of Isaiah 11:1. “And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots”. The rod here is the Lord Jesus and you will agree with me of Jesus being the word of God.


It means the word of God as rod in your hand is the major thing needed to bring signs and wonders to your life and generation. And if we are to talk about the power of God, it lies nowhere but in the word of God, Romans chapter 1 verse 16 confirms that the word of God is the power of God.


That is why, God instructed Moses to release the rod to experience the signs and wonders. If Moses hold unto the rod without casting it, he will never experience signs and wonders. What kinds of miracle do you really desire to experience in your life? Don’t search for any other place, it is in your rod which is the word of God.


Many of us had claimed many promises of the scripture but could not see it taking place in our lives, while some do not even claim the promise at all.


Many of us are still living our lives like Gehazi. A man who was privileged to be a sign and wonder to his generation but failed woefully and totally. The same rod was given to him to go and lay upon a child of that Shunamite woman. He carried the rod, he used the rod but could not get result as expected by the woman. He was never a failure alone but failure to those that are looking up to him. Elisha and the widow were looking up to him to bring about signs and wonders but he failed and disappointed them.




Gehazi looked a serious type, which no one will suspect living with sin. He failed because he was living in sin. He did not commit adultery like king David, he did not kill anyone like king Ahab, but he was in love with the things of this world, 2 kings 5: 20-27. Sin of the heart was the sin of Gehazi which no one can see except the Spirit of God. And that really hindered him to bring forth signs and wonders.


Prophet Elisha did not have reason to question his ways before, until after he could not bring forth expected signs and wonders. He gave him a living rod but could not bring life to that dead child only because the man Gehazi was living in sin.


Brethren, is your life not like this Gehazi? A man who had God , had a genuine prophet and the rod of God, but still could not bring forth any signs and wonders to himself and the people around him. God is asking you to check your life this morning, is there anything in your life hindering you from experiencing your signs and wonders? Bible says:

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him”, John 14:21.


And until it starts with you, you cannot display it to someone else. Moses could not display signs and wonders until after he firstly experience it. It must start from you. And some are not living in sin at all, but they failed to have insight into what God had packaged for them through the rod. While they that have insight failed to activate what has been given to them. You can start living a victorious life being a sign and wonder to your generation through the activation of the word by faith to your personal life and every others around you. I pray the Lord to help us all. Shalom.





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