August 11, 2015
 4 Keys to Unlock the Power of Your Mind
August 20, 2016

1 Samuel 15:1-3 & 9, 16:1.

* The dealings of God must never be compared and measured with the reasoning of man. Many desire today to have and experience His dealings but with their reasoning.

* Bible says: Our God is Spirit and they that will worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth. That had been the standard of having His dealings. But it is only few we can see worshipping God in spirit.

* The reasons many are serving God today had proved this right. Many are not really serving God because it’s a commandment,  but because of attached gains. And they that are serving God because of gains will see the end, but will never finish well as Saul.

* God is very distinct and very selective. He will never accept anything as people thought. Many are serving God today with the mind of “anything goes”. With God, it is not anything goes. He can’t just accept anything. If He is to accept anything, He would not have reasons to reject Cain and his offering. Offering of Cain was very good humanly speaking, but God told him, “It is not everything good I accept”. Something may be good and generally accepted, but to God it may never be accepted.

* It is the same with King Saul. He really desire to obey and serve God, but he thought he can serve God anyhow. Our God of heaven is never an anyhow God. And they that have this kind of mind will tell you “it doesn’t matter”. To Saul, it doesn’t matter to kill Agag,  but it matters to God. Killing all “good” animals to Saul was never matter but it was a serious issue with God.

* Saul really had good intention, but it was as if he didn’t have proper understanding of God Whom he wanted to serve. And Saul started serving and approaching God with his reasoning which prompted him to be living in half-obedience.

* Brethren, living for God simply means living the life of holiness. And I discovered lot of misconceptions about this holiness. Many in Christian faith could not even understand what holiness means. But holiness is living the life of FAITH and OBEDIENCE only in Christ.

* Having faith in God is never difficult in this generation. I have attended to people from every walks of life and discovered how they really believed and trusted God of Israel to do something tangible in their lives, even when it’s contrary to their acclaimed religion. But I am not really concern about these people, but we in Christ.

* As earlier said, having faith is not difficult but living the life of total obedience. Our allegiance will be checked either we like it or not. And this has to do with our obedience unto instructions coming from God towards us. Beloved, it is high time to see the dangers attached to living in half – obedience.  When Saul lived this kind of life he suffered.

* Complete and full obedience is what God demands. When He sent Saul, He told him to have total destruction of everything in Amalek, but there are precious things which he thought were never worthy of destruction. Is there anything God is asking you to let go or get rid? It is better now to get rid of such before coming back to haunt your life and destiny as it did to King Saul.

* Because of that, Saul was rejected as a king over Israel. If you desire to reign and rule in life, half-obedience is never an option.

* Saul was dead alive. He was still living as a warrior carrying title here and there, but heaven saw him as a dead man. That is why, you could see Prophet Samuel mourning him. When there is no death, there is no reason to mourn. You can NEVER be alive unto God when living the life of half-obedience.

* Lastly, he was living in demonic oppression. There is no neutrality in the supernatural. It is either you have the Spirit of God or either. Saul lost the Spirit of God only because he lived the life of half-obedience. Demons started operating through him. Sitting on the same throne still, but not with the same Spirit. You can’t easily recognise this, except you are very close to his throne, because that demon didn’t function regularly. It takes eyes that can see to recognise the terrible state he was. When your life is off and on, check your obedience to God.

* All these may be your life, you don’t have to give a down. All you need to do is to recognise where the problem is, confess and renounce them before God, and turn to a new live. I pray the Lord to help us all in Jesus name.



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