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August 20, 2016
August 20, 2016


“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy”, Matthew 5:7.


For us to be a better person in the Lord, It was revealed unto us last week of what should be our attitude in serving the Lord. Bible says: “we must be hungry and thirsty after righteousness”. Our God is righteous, and for us to be righteous with God we must receive it by faith through the Lord Jesus Christ, Romans 3:22. Apart from this, we must choose a righteous living with everybody around us, 1 John 2:29 & 1 John 3:7. Being rightesous is a gift from God and personal conscious actions. And we can’t be filled with this righteous living except we channel our mind towards it. That was the reason of the Lord saying: “man must not live by bread alone”

In following the Lord, Jesus still revealed what ought to be our attitude that will show us as true followers of the Lord Jesus. He said we should be merciful. This is response we must have towards people around us, especially those in problem and crisis. Being merciful is an act of God and we cant claim of following the Lord without having same character like that of God, Luke 6:36. Being merciful is never something easy without discovering God. It is a sign that can only reflect on those that had discovered God.


Apart from being an attitude of God, Bible still says: “…merciful man doeth good to his own soul…”, Proverb 11:17. King Solomon stated being merciful here as a way of life, which secures our souls from eternal damnation. It is because Bible says: “…person who sin will die…” Ezekiel 18:20. It is a sin not to show mercy, while showing mercy is to bless people and protect our soul from eternal damnation, 2 Timothy 1:16, James 2:13.


It is now clear to us that living a merciful life is a must as believer because it has both earthly and eternal reward, which no man will obtain except such decide to have mercy on people around him. We are save by grace and mercy, let no man boast of who he is and have in the Lord. Living a blessed life once again is to show mercy unto people around us appropriately.

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