August 20, 2016
July 20, 2018

2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Song of Solomon 2:15.

Kingdom of Heaven is a journey, and to every journey there is always a starting point. Those that will get to destination in this journey must know what and what to avoid on their way to the kingdom of God. It is because, those going to heaven will surely have a lot of things to hinder them from getting to the end.

We have had many people that started this journey with God, but could not see the end of the journey. It is not because God didn’t want it. But because they failed on their part to know 3 things that always stand as road block against the journey to the kingdom of heaven.

  1. Forgetting where you started from, Galatians 1:6. Bible says: “….we have chosen out of the world” John 15:19. It is a road block we must identify.
  2. Failure to know what to avoid, 2 Corinthians 6:14. You must know who and what to avoid.
  3. Failure to know where the destination is.

Knowing these will really help to safeguard our lives in getting to the kingdom of heaven. The major reason of following Jesus is to make heaven. And that should be your priority, making heaven must be your goal. If you are following Jesus for any other reason aside this. You have failed even before starting the journey at all.

Therefore, if you are in the Lord to make heaven, you must know where you started from, what to avoid and what your destination is.

We have example of a man in the bible who had priviledge of becoming one of the disciples of Jesus. As he had the priviledge to be one of the disciples, so also with everyone us. Bible says: “It is by grace you are saved through faith, it is not of yourself, but the gift of God”Ephesians 2:8.

It is a priviledge given to each of us to be part of Jesus, but we must not abuse the priviledge given as Judas Iscariot did. Judas Iscariot was chosen to be part of disciples so he can make heaven, but he lost focus of where he was going totally. I am praying you will not end up as Judas Iscariot in Jesus name, Luke 22:3-4.Today, many had lost focus from everything called heaven. Satan had deceived them.

Bible says: then entered Satan into Judas. Why would Satan entered into a man that had been following Jesus for years? The reason forSatan in this passage, is to tell us who the enemy of our journey is. Satan is the major enemy of our journey with the Lord. And he entered into Judas only to hinder him from getting to the kingdom of heaven.

And he’s ready to still cut many people away from getting home, as he cut Judas away. But Satancannot just take charge of your life if you don’t give him a ground. When he came to derail Jesus from the journey to Calvary, Jesus did not give him ground and he left. Jesus later said in John 14:30: that “the prince of this world came but found nothing in me”. If Satan comes to you now, will he not found his property in your life? It’s a question you must answer, because failure to answer this, is like postponing the evil day. You must look deeply into your life, is there any property of Satan in your life?

When Satan caught Judas, bible revealed what became of him. And if Satan had caught up also with your life you will know through the life of Judas. When he caught up with Judas, we saw three things in his life.

  1. He started walking his way. He didn’t follow the way of the Lord again. He didn’t take to the instruction of Jesus and Holy Spirit again. It a sign of being caught by Satan when you are no longer taking instruction from God. When everything you are doing is always about your way. Ask yourself, am I walking in the way of the Lord?
  2. He started to commune with unbelievers. It’s a sign of being caught by Satan when you no longer have things to do with your co-believers. Judas started dealing with chief priest and captains.He started living a secret life. There is danger in living a secret life. He forgot where he started from. You are in a secret meeting with a rebel. You go to a place you cannot explain to anybody.
  3. He later betrayed Jesus. He sold Jesus because of money. When everything about you is money, you are in trouble already. When you are no longer serving Jesus but money, Satan had caught you. And you can’t serve God with mammon. That is the bible.

Do you know, after Satan had entered into his life, he was still a member of Jesus’ church. He was still part of the church! He was not only a member of the church, but still eating Holy Communion with Jesus, but Satan had entered into his life. That’s terrible! We have many like them today in the church of God.

He later died of a terrible death, because when he ought to cry out for help he didn’t. He died because hefailed to take care of his little little foxes. Bible called him thief because he always steal from the purse of the church in John 12:6.He was feeling too big to confess his error and seek for spiritual help, but ended to be a disappointment. He journeyed with the Lord, but could not reign with Jesus in heaven.

Brethren, you have to check your life this morning closely. What is that thing in your life that Satan can use to destroy you from getting home? What are the things you need to put in order, so Satan will not have reason to destroy you.

The truth is Judas ended to be a shortage unto Jesus. The question to you is, hope you will not also be a shortage unto God in the end?

Rise up let us pray.

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