About Us

Since 2006, it has been a privilege to preach the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ around the world through various means.

Today, we are honored to extend the same good news which is the power of God to you through the Internet. And we pray that the teaching of God’s word through articles, personal testimonies, bible study notes and many other resource materials we publish here, will bless and change your life. We are committed to teaching you how to live a life of faith and victory at all times, and to raise an army of victorious and prosperous saints.

The vision started in 2006 with a meeting of brethren in our room. It was just a burden in our hearts then to bring solution to the life of His people through power of Word and prayers of faith. There are series of testimonies that followed as signs of supernatural approval over the meeting and the burden of ours. We moved out of our room to our compound when the room could not contain us again, and we ended up moving to a rented space that could sit about 300 people in 2006 when the meeting is getting growing numerically far beyond our compound. It was just an intercessory mission then, which is generally known as prayer ministry. And we did that for solid five (5) years.

By August 2011, we had instruction to start the Sunday service in which He commissioned us to start preparing His people for His second coming. In that 2011, we bought a camp ground which covers one acre of land at Idiroko Adewole, along Otenya Village Road, Liberty Academy, Odo-Ona Elewe, Ibadan.

Due to our mission to raise men for His kingdom, we decided to move church and the gospel closer to the people in villages. We have had series of open air crusade to remind the saints of His coming and to inform the Gentiles of a great price that had been paid as ransom to redeem them from the coming judgment and the curse of law.




God commissioned this ministry to prepare the saved people for His second coming. With the preaching of faith and the Word of God. Our message is centered on pure holiness and total consecration unto the Lord in service.